New beginnings. . .(Hello)!

For every ending, there is a beginning. This is mine.

I decided to try my hand at blogging for multiple reasons. Mainly because I am a work from home mother with a toddler and an infant who enjoys writing just as much as I do my kids. I’ve managed to maintain my sanity doing it alone (how? who knows) but I know the importance of having a village. I know there are plenty of single moms as well as moms with partners who find themselves managing their kids and the bulk of their day alone. That is why we are superwomen (Superdads, I see you too!) This blog is dedicated to you guys. I look forward to sharing what helps me through it all. My recipes, advice, woosah moments and even the tips and tricks I’ve learned from others along the way.  Whats the point of obtaining knowledge if you don’t find yourself sharing it with those in need. I advocate, I encourage because raising a child has to be one of the hardest things a person will ever do. However, it is also the most rewarding never-ending job. I don’t claim to be the perfect mom but I like to think I’ve done a pretty great job thus far and I’m moving forward with an open mind. So for those that are willing to embark on this journey with me, welcome. Be sure to link in through my other sites as well (Instagram: BugBeeandMe // Twitter: BugBeeandMe // Pinterest: BugBeeandMe)

To new beginnings. . .

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