Top 5 Learning Apps – Toddler Edition

Technology has made teaching our kids fun and interactive. There are so many videos, shows and even apps that were created to be educational. This is in no way a substitute for hands on learning that your child can experience with you one on one. Instead, it is a great add-on to enhance the skills being taught. One compliment I get regularly is how advanced Bug is for his age and how well he speaks. I will say that I spent a great deal of time working with him but I will not deny that I used apps to reinforce the skills that we would work on throughout the day. So I am sharing with you the top five toddler apps that have worked for us and how we implemented them into our learning regiment.

I do understand that children learn in different ways and how they retain information varies. Also, I know that there are hundreds of apps geared towards the same goal with different rates of success and popularity. I am providing you with what worked for us, with no guarantees. However, if nothing more they will at least be a fun distraction while you are finishing a load of laundry or preparing dinner. These apps sure could be the best sidekick you ever had.

** I am not being paid to promote these apps in any shape or form.  All my reviews and recommendations are based on personal usage and success**


Endless Reader

endless reader, learning

by Originator

This app is great because not only does it focus on the alphabet, it focuses on the sounds that each letter makes. In addition, it allows your child to work on spelling. Simple words like ‘eat’ and ‘ball’ are broken apart so that the kids can put them back together again in the correct order. This app encourages sight and sound recognition.

“Kids will have a blast learning sight words and their context and usage with the adorable Endless monsters. Each word features an interactive word puzzle with letters that come alive, and then a sentence puzzle with words that become what they describe. See the word “dog” as a barking dog, and the word “up” reach for the sky!”

Hooray for phonics!

Best part about it, this app is FREE! You may purchase additional packages to continue the learning experience. However, they give you the first seven letters of the alphabet at no charge. Bug loves to repeat the sounds of the letters and gets excited when he places them in the matching outline.



EduKitty, learning

By Cubic Frog

This application is a part of the Edu Series by Cubic Frog. This series includes app such as EduKitchen, EduPaint, EduPaintRoom and EdukittyABC. This app encourages kids to identify letters of the alphabet. In depth, they encourage recognition of the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet. There is also a picture matching game for memory and a game identify shapes, sizes and differences. It even helps them with identifying colors. You want an all-around educational app, this is IT!

When your child gets frustrated and can’t find a way to solve the particular puzzle at hand, it encourages. You’ll hear the words “try again.” When your child is victorious in their efforts, they’ll be able to reward themselves with the cutest stamp ever. How’s that for all-in-one. I stumbled upon this app on accident, but even outside of our learning time, this is one of Bug’s favorites. He has the entire series but this one and the app listed below get the most action.

This app is FREE! Yup, you get all this awesomeness for $0.00.


EduKitty ABC

edukittyABC, learning

By Cubic Frog

I love this application. It is one in a series that improves coordination, memory, spelling and even writing. This is another app in the Edu Series. This one has sections where the kids can trace the letters, play a memory game and even connect the dots. What’s even better? Once the kids complete a set of activities they get to reward themselves with a stamp. It’s a great reminder for them of their accomplishments.

More importantly, it reinforces the alphabet and motor skills. We love this game because it encourages bug to THINK! The more he practices, the better he gets at the memory games. He’s getting better tracing his letters using the app and on paper.

This is another FREE app! (Yay for freebies). You again have the option to purchase different packages to unlock more levels and tools. However, for the most part there is a great circulation of 4-5 activities that will keep your little one occupied for quite some time.



metamorphabet, learning

By Vectorpark

Hello ABCs! This app is great because it focuses on each letter of the alphabet in detail. For instance, the letter A comes first. Then, the letter begins to undergo metamorphose and identify different words that begin with the letter A. The animations keep the kids engaged and interested until they are ready to move on to the next letter. It’s like music to music to your ears when you hear a kid say ‘Amble’ as the letter A begins to march across the screen. Or the word ‘beard’ as the letter B starts to grow one. Expanding vocabulary one letter at a time.

This app is almost like a toy for the kids. Which is the best part. I lied, the best part about this app is that it is FREE! Look at all these free goodies I’m giving you! Again, you get letters A-F with potential to purchase additional packages. But for beginners, repetition is the key here and practicing these will give your kids plenty to learn and retain.


Dr. Seuss ABC Read & Learn

dr. seuss, learning

By Oceanhouse Media

Dr. Seuss is a classic! I grew up reading his books and this interactive apps just amplifies the experience. Here you have an app that turns Dr. Seuss’s ABC book into an experience. You can utilize this app in one of two ways. You can read it straight through and reiterate the alphabet with the highlighted letters. Or you can use it as a learning activity. In the learner mode, you will identify big and little letters, match them and even identify animals that start with these letters. This app encourages literacy and adds new words to your kid’s vocabulary. It’s a pretty cool way to bring Dr. Seuss to life.

This is the only app in the list that is not free, but still has a very low price point. You can find this in the amazon app store, iTunes store and on google play. These days, Bug is reading along with the story on most pages before narration starts. Reading is fundamental and he is on his way.


Where can you find these?

All of these awesome apps are available across platforms.

Learning doesn’t have to be dull. These apps reinvent learning in their own way and makes education fun. Seeing my kid enjoy learning and watching the excitement on his face as he shares what he’s learned with me just lights up my entire life. Hooray for advances in technology. I look forward to ways we can continue to implement its use in our day to day educational ventures.

Happy Learning Mamas!

(Infant edition coming soon)


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