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Busy, Busy weekend!I’ve been working on my backyard, decorating the kid’s rooms (recently purchased a home) and I also had family come into town. Boy oh boy did they make sure my days were filled. I won’t complain because I thoroughly missed my family and don’t see them often enough. And any chance my mom gets to come and spoil her grand babies, I let her. This time around she insisted that she take them to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I cringed at the idea of taking my toddler and infant, but she wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. I had so much anxiety about this, especially because I’ve only really had outings with Bug (toddler) and I’ve confined myself to the house as I adjust with two. But, Nonnie (grandma) always wins when it comes to her grand-poohs!

For those of you unaware, Six Flags Magic Mountain is an amusement park. A pretty big one at that. So I convinced myself that if this was gonna happen, at least it would be a day with a lot of family to help me with them in the event one got tired or cranky. But let me tell you, even with all the help that I had, I still wasn’t prepared enough for this day. Although, I will admit, seeing Bug so excited for the ‘big rides’ and running to get in line was my joy for the entire day. And it helped a helluva lot that Bee was an angel all day.

The preparation

So, I thought that I was ready for this trip. I got up that morning, and had my coffee (necessity) and made Bug a hearty breakfast. I packed a snack bag for bug making sure he had fruits, waters and even some fruit snacks to hold him throughout the day. On the way out the door, I grabbed Bee’s stroller (I didn’t see the point in having two strollers because her stroller has the standing platform in the back for Bug) and we were off. On the way to the park we picked up some sandwiches and I even breastfed Bee before we went into the park.

With two full kids, I was ready to take on the day. I did forget to mention however that it was 90+ degrees. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, but hey, it was too late to turn back. Thank goodness for the wind or else I probably would have died. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but still.

Helloooooo Six Flags. . .

six flags, amusement park,, family, blog

The hike from the parking lot to the park, pushing a stroller with a toddler riding on the back, made me regret all my decisions. The sun was beaming, my mom thighs were rubbing together and it was somewhat of an uphill trek. I was however excited to see that the park pretty empty however. This meant I wouldn’t have to navigate this monstrosity between throngs of people. Small mommy win!

six flags, amusement park,, family, blog

We spent the first hour and a half in bugs bunny world, which is the kid’s area of the park. Initially, Bug was apprehensive. He saw the rides as we passed by but opted to ride the merry-go-round first. I didn’t blame him, the only rides he had been on were at Disneyland, and they were pretty mild compared to the rides we were seeing here. After a few of the slower, more childlike rides, he was ready to ride the roller coaster. Now being the paranoid mama that I am, I insisted I ride with him.

six flags, amusement park,, family, blog

Someone please tell me when kids roller coasters started going so FAST! I was expecting a few small bends and maybe a dip or two. This roller coaster sped like a bat out of hell, I kid you not. And it went around the track twice. I was totally shocked when we got off and the kid wanted to ride a second time. He followed that up with a ride that rose and then dropped in small increments and two other roller coasters in the same area. Such a little daredevil.

six flags, amusement park,, family, blog

And then we took a break

Bee got hungry so I breastfed her (if you didn’t read my breastfeeding blog, let me tell you being in public doesn’t stop this milk machine) and allowed bug to re-energize himself by digging in his snack pack. He was so excited I literally had to sit him down and make him eat something and drink water so he wouldn’t pass out from the heat. Once the babies had their energy replenished we were headed to the adult rides. Bug wasn’t too happy about this and stood on the back of the stroller with an attitude. *I chuckle as I think back on this*

the rest of the day was spent in the main part of the amusement park

We alternated between who would watch the kids and ride and it worked perfectly. This mama actually got to get on some roller coasters. Woo Hoo! Bee was in and out of sleep, but couldn’t get a real nap in. I was so surprised that she wasn’t screaming her head off from being overly stimulated. Bug on the other hand, started to act like a real brat. He started to get sleepy (understandable because we were waaaayyyy past his nap time) and began refusing to stand on the toddler board behind the stroller. He wanted to be held. Holding a toddler, while the sun is beaming on your neck and walking inclines all while wearing shoes that aren’t really comfortable is a special kind of hell.

Luckily, Nonnie was there to take turns holding him as I pushed the stroller and vice versa. I don’t think I would have made it without her. I would have left the park and called it a day. As the day turned into the evening, Bug began to become way too whiny. He was tired and cranky and I didn’t know what to do. Bee had her infant seat in the stroller so I couldn’t just put him in there. I was on the losing end by this time.

six flags, amusement park,, family, blog

Eventually I gave in and began holding Bee and allowed Bug to climb his big self into her stroller. It worked! And the rest of the day went smooth. After a few more breastfeeding breaks and a couple more rides, we were pooped.

six flags, amusement park,, family, blog

Goodbye Six Flags. . .

We left the park when it closed. My mom is one of those people that will stay until they kick her out. I would have preferred to leave much earlier but I didn’t drive so I was stuck. In retrospect, I would say the day was successful. Aside from Bug being overtired and cranky we had a pretty good day. Heat and all. Not to mention seeing him having fun and being so brave made me so happy. It also made me realize he’s not my little baby anymore. I saw him exhibit so much independence. It excited me and made me sad at the same time. But, I can’t fight the inevitable.

A few lessons I learned along the way. . . 


1.) If you don’t have a double stroller, make sure you bring a second stroller (if you have the help) because even the most independent toddler will want to take a nap

2.) Water, water and more water. You can never have enough, especially when its hot and my toddler downed bottles like a fish. We ended up buying the refillable cups but they were pricey and a bottle of water in the park was $4.50

3.) Accept help! You can be super mom all you want but even the best of the best need help with two. Hand them off and take a break, because you deserve it.

4.) Wear comfortable shoes! I thought my shoes were comfortable until I spent 6+ hours walking around the park in them alternating between holding a toddler and infant. Safe to say I went out and bought myself a pair of ‘mom shoes’.

5. Don’t be afraid to take breaks. The excitement of the park will still be there. It can be frequent short stops or long infrequent stops, but allow the kids and yourself to re-energize. You’ll thank me later.

I probably missed a few lessons in there, but those are the main ones. We returned to the park a couple days later and I utilized all of the above advice and had a much better time. It also was much cooler (thank goodness) and we went later in the day so we weren’t there as long. This was quite an experience, but I am glad that I went through it because I am much more prepared for the next time.

six flags, amusement park,, family, blog

Being a mom is hard, with two it can be such a challenge. . .

But don’t be afraid to get out with the kids. I know it may seem like a lot of work or even impossible, but you guys deserve to get out and have some enjoyment. With preparation, the day can be a blast and run smooth. And if you aren’t sure how to prepare you can improvise along the way like I did. Don’t be intimidated!


I would love to hear about some of your adventures out with multiples. Successes and mommy fails welcome!

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