Silicone Breast Pump Review by NatureBond

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How many of you breastfeeding mommies out there are tired of the soaked shirt. Even if you manage to avoid it throughout the day, here comes the let down as soon as you feed your little one. I was almost convinced I would need to wear dingy t-shirts until I was done breastfeeding. And then, I found a small miracle. Now before I tell you about it, let me first disclose that I am in no way affiliated with this company and was not paid to make this review. I was introduced to the product, found it super helpful and as such wanted to share it with as many moms as I can.

So what is this mini-miracle I speak of?

It is a silicone breast pump by NatureBond. This basically does the work for you while you feed your little one. You attach it to the breast not in use, and gently squeeze to get the suction going. Then start feeding your little one as normal and let your body do the rest. Literally! There’s no hand expressing or a need to continue squeezing the form of the breast pump for milk. As you nourish your baby, you’ll see your let down start to drip into the breast pump and voila!

For me, this is a win win. I absolutely hate pumping to keep my milk supply up (yes, I will admit it), so I will exclusively breastfeed for as long as I can get away with it. With this product, I am not wasting any milk. Now, I don’t want to set the expectation that you’ll get a full 6 ounces of milk using this little gadget because that is not the case (unless of course your let down is a monster). In the beginning, I would be lucky if I would get a little over an ounce in a sitting. I was a little discouraged, so I kept at it. So far, I’ve gotten about 3 ounces in one sitting. The gradual increase makes me happy.

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How the breast pump looks unboxed

I wouldn’t recommend substituting your breast pumping with this. However, to save your t-shirts and stop wasting that precious liquid gold, this is your go-to! I also love that it is inexpensive. I got mine from Amazon for $13! For the capabilities of this thing, I expected to pay much more. But hey, I am not complaining. Super easy to clean as well. Just warm water and soap and you can sterilize it the same way you sterilize your bottles. It also comes with a top to keep it sanitary when not in use.

A Few Tips For Use:

1.) Don’t try and use it while laying down. I tend to get lazy and made the attempt at doing this slightly reclined. Somewhat of a disaster. The suction will release and you’ll either have spilled milk or you’ll still end up with wet clothes!

2.) It is easier to use in a nursing bra. The first time I tried it without a bra entirely and realized Bee didn’t care for having this by her feet while she ate. As a result, she kept kicking it and I would have to readjust my suction. While in the nursing bra, it pretty much stays in place, so she can kick all she wants and it doesn’t cause me any extra work.

3.) Every drop counts! You may notice in the beginning that you may not get that much. But it will gradually improve.

You can’t beat having a truly hands free breast pump. . . 

The fact that I am now saving the milk that was once drenching my tees is motivation enough and part of the reason that I wanted to share this with you guys! I was in a Facebook group related to breastfeeding and one mom shared her experience and took a picture of her success. I then read the comments and seen some other moms that pretty much swore by it, so I took a chance. A chance that I do not regret at all. Now, I did realize when shopping for the silicone breast pump that there are multiple manufacturers, but this particular one was specified in the group. I can’t speak for any of the other brands (although they have the same model and appeal) as I’ve only used this one by NatureBond. I give this company a high five and a thanks from my little.

I’ll definitely link the product below so you guys can take a look, read some reviews and so forth. The link listed below is an Amazon affiliate link, but again this review is not associated with the company and solely the opinion of one satisfied mama!


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So what are you waiting for? Go order it now. If you have amazon prime it comes super fast. And when you get it, come back and share how it worked for you. If you already have it, I want to hear your likes and dislikes.

Be sure to spread the word as well! Happy Friday Moms!


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