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mocking, when your kid repeats what you say, toddler, learning language, bugbeeandme

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you would know that not too long ago Bug dropped the F-bomb to display his frustration with his sister. I completely took responsibility for this as I do not have the cleanest vocabulary. However, I have made a conscious effort to watch what I say in his presence. I have realized as of late that it is not just the curse words that he has repeated. I literally have a walking and breathing parrot on my hands.

Now, I understand that kids tend to grasp language through listening to the conversations around them but GEEZUS! When I tell you this kid of mine repeats everything that I say these days, I am not over exaggerating. Sometimes he will repeat what I am saying to be funny and laugh each time he says it. Slightly annoying I will not lie., but it’s a part of him being a kid. What really gets me are the random times that he will say something I have said.

For instance, we were in the car and I was getting frustrated by a car in front of me. On a typical day, my road rage with the kids in the car is expressed vocally through statements such “why must you get on my nerves” or “why are you so irritating” in reference to the other drivers. I try to keep it as clean as possible. This particular day, I found myself deep sighing and mumbling under my breath at the cars driving recklessly in front of me. Only to hear bug say in the background clear as day “why must you get on my nerves?” Of course I asked him to repeat it because I didn’t believe my ears and sure enough he repeated it.

mocking, when your kid repeats what you say, toddler, learning language, bugbeeandme

Now, here’s the thing, we don’t ride in the car too often and I hadn’t been frustrated recently so that means this little phrase was stored in his little memory bank. Another one of those times when he is using a saying in perfect context. I will admit, I was a little amazed and humored at the same time so I opened up dialogue between the two of us. The conversation went somewhat like this (if my memory serves me correct):

Me: Why did you say the car was getting on your nerves?
Bug: Because, I don’t know
Me: What do you mean you don’t know?
Bug: The car was getting on my nerves and it was getting on mommy nerves
Me: How do you know it was getting on mommy’s nerves?
Bug: Because you said it.
Me: I sure did not say that just now
Bug: Oh. *starts laughing*

When I tell you this is just one example of the human recorder he is, I am serious. There are so many instances when we will randomly be sitting somewhere or doing something and he will say something and I will say to myself “where did he learn that?” or just laugh to myself because he’s only 2 1/2 and his syntax is so developed. It’s humorous to me but I also have to pat myself on the back because it shows how advanced he is for his age. I am constantly putting in work with him towards his education. I am thankful that I have a child that loves to learn and gets excited for lessons.

On the other hand, when I’m talking on the phone and all I hear in the background is him repeating everything I am saying, I have to slap my forehead a few times. Or when he follows me around the house repeating my redirection instead of following them I realize how much self-restraint is really needed as a parent. In the long run, I know that although they may annoy me now, I will miss these moments.

I say all this to say, if I never believed that children are like sponges before having kids, I do now. So much of what he knows derives from the environments he is surrounded in. As such, I make a conscious effort to make sure that my children are surrounded by positive, happy individuals. The purpose behind my decision is that I strongly believe these individuals will contribute to their growth. Growth in their vocabulary and in themselves as a person. Who we encourage and mold them to be now will one day be immersed into this corrupt society. I don’t know about you guys but my goal is to have my child stand out and not fit in with the masses.

So for now, I will deal with this little birdie mocking me as a part of his toddler humor. As long as what he repeats is clear of any curse words. I mean hey, at least he’s not whining!

Bring on the headaches!

mocking, when your kid repeats what you say, toddler, learning language, bugbeeandme

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