Adopt a Pet, Save a Life

I always find myself trying to come up with creative outings for the kiddos. Since they are in the house with me most of the day, any time we leave the house is a “field trip.” Just like our adventure to the amusement park not too long ago.  This weekend we took advantage of PetSmart’s ‘National Adoption Weekend’. This is a special weekend where they pair with local charities and shelters to get pets adopted. There are lower costs in hopes that it will gain these pets forever homes. Petsmart holds this event four times a year. They have dogs, cats and depending on the store even smaller animals like bunnies. It is a great opportunity to adopt a pet if you are considering it.

It was also an excellent opportunity for the littles to interact with the animals. And a chance for me to see if getting a dog is a good idea right now. I will preface that this is not a sponsored blog post, just something I wanted to share with all of you. Just in case you wanted to catch the next one in your area. I tend to frequent shelters just to visit the puppies and show them love, so it was a no-brainer to bring the kids there.

” you won’t change the world by saving an animal, but you will change that animal’s world” – author unknown

The set up differentiates between stores. In the past, I have visited stores where all of the animals up for adoption are in kennels in front of the store. Which basically means that you can’t help but to look and see their lovely faces as you walk by. This particular store was smaller, so the animals were inside the actual store. I was surprised to see just how many animals they had. It warms your heart and makes you sad all at the same time.

They had a variety of pet breeds ranging in age from just a few months old to a few years. I always wonder if the older dogs are going to get adopted as they are pretty much set in their ways, especially the bully breeds. I swear if I had the space to adopt them all I would. But unfortunately, my backyard just does not hold the capacity.

Dog Rescue Decal - Adopt a Dog Vinyl Decal - Dog Lover Window Sticker- Animal Rescue

It was interesting to see Bug’s reaction when he walked in the store. He didn’t know where we were going, but once he seen all the dogs he hopped off the stroller ride-a-along and ran to the cages. Of course this was followed by me yelling “Don’t put your hands in the cage” and I am almost positive I repeated this sentiment a good 10-15 times throughout our hour long visit. But I loved watching him go to each cage and say “Hi Doggy” or “Mommy look at this one” or “Mommy this is a big dog” or even “this dog is beautiful mommy.”

Bee on the other hand was quite disinterested. She was in her stroller and spent most of the time staring at me trying to figure out why she was in such a loud place. And when I say loud, I reference all the dogs barking simultaneously when another dog walked by the crate or if someone came by the cage and showed them love. I may have seen a “mommy get me out of here” plea in her eyes once or twice but she never cried. And for that I am thankful.

How it works?

The in-store associates and charity volunteers were amazing with the kiddos. If you expressed that you wanted to see one of the pets they were efficient. They would take them, allowing you to get a feel for the animal and its temperament. Bug was so in love and wanted to touch every single one. Hence why we were in the store so long. However, I made sure to narrow it down to only a few. Besides, some of the kennels were labeled with which ones were friendly and also which ones were not-so friendly.

Overall, from what I saw during our visit, there was a great turnout for the event. Lots of people asking questions and visiting with the animals. I can only hope that some of them got adopted. Bug definitely reassured me that he is ready for his own special friend. So, that will be coming soon. Stay Tuned!

If you are interested in the adopt a pet event at your local Petsmart store, they have information on their website.

Any of you mamas take your littles to see animals in your local shelters? How did they react?

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