Kicking off the Halloween Season – pumpkin patch visit!

Growing up, holidays weren’t big in my home. Christmas and Thanksgiving were probably the most celebrated. However, anything before or after barely got a mention. When I would get to school and see how celebrated holidays were, even the minor ones, I longed to have that excitement too.

When I became a mother, I made it my goal to celebrate everything. Every holiday is important to me and I make it a point to make sure my kids feel that as well. With that being said, Halloween has always been one of my favorites. I would envy the kids who got to to go to the pumpkin patch. The ones who spent time roasting pumpkin seeds and carving pumpkins with butterknives, especially since I could count on one hand how many times I had a pumpkin to call my own.

So a visit to the pumpkin patch annually became a thing once I moved out on my own.

So it should be no surprise that now that I have kids, I drag them along to share this experience with me. The first year I took bug, he wouldn’t even touch a pumpkin. He looked at them as if they were going to attack him or something if he laid even a pinky on it.

However, last year he thoroughly enjoyed himself and all that the pumpkin patch had to offer. The rides, the games, the food and more importantly, picking out his very own pumpkin. We even carved it together. Although he didn’t get to use the tools, he picked what picture he wanted on the face of his pumpkin. He left mommy to do the hard work which ended up being a disabled spider, but hey, its a memory I’ll enjoy telling for years to come.

In preparation for our day at the pumpkin patch, I eluded to it all week. I kept telling Bug over that if he was on his best behavior, I had a surprise for him. Do you think that was motivation enough for him to be a model toddler? Of course not, but he did do progressively better as each day passed and by the end of the week he definitely did not let me forget about his “surprise.”

Being it was Bee’s first time, I was excited to dress her up in her halloween inspired attire and see her reaction. I knew she probably wouldn’t remember this trip so for her visit, it was more to appease mommy.Β 

As soon as we arrived Bug yelled out, “Mommy is my surprise the pumpkin store?” I replied with a yes and you could see his eyes light up. Happy to see that at least one of my kids shares my excitement for the Halloween season. Bee was sleep, so she got to ride along in the stroller as we made our way to the first attraction. This also happens to be Bug’s favorite, the Petting Zoo.

Bug enjoys touching all the different animals (more like chasing them) and it always amazes me how courageous he is. No matter how big the animal, he’s still always so friendly. Which in turn scares the hell out of this mama because I am so sure they are going to bite him. But they never do.

Our next stop was the rides! There weren’t many to choose from at this particular pumpkin patch we visited, but I still allow him to ride whatever he finds fascinating. I will say however that the rides fell short of Bug’s expectations. His facial expressions told all. As the rides went round and round he had a blank, solemn look on his face.

At first glance, I thought he was getting sick. However, once the ride stopped he proceeded to say “faster please” to the ride operative. By the end of the second go round, because the operative was nice enough to let him go again, he looked at me and said “Mommy, I’m done, I don’t want to ride anymore.” I chuckled to myself as he got off. I have a little thrill seeker on my hands.

Of all things to do at the pumpkin patch, you would think next on his list would be to pick a pumpkin… Right?

Wrong! Bug ran to the jumping houses that towered over him. He wanted to do the obstacle course and bounce to his heart’s content. Unfortunately for that little daredevil of mine, there were age requirements and height limits. He didn’t meet any of them. So, being the empathetic mommy that I am, I explained why he couldn’t jump and enticed him with something from the snack bar instead. His attention shifted really quick!

By this time Bee had woken up and was staring at me quite strangely. I think it was a mixture of, “where did I just wake up?” and “what is all of this noise?” This was my cue that it was picture time. So, I found a great spot in the corner of the pumpkin patch with hay bales and pumpkins.

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When I tell you Bee was not thrilled…


She did not want the hay to touch any part of her. Nor did she want to play or feel on the pumpkins. Just my luck. Her facial expressions were priceless. Eventually she got over the initial shock and tried to eat a handful of hay (Gross!) but I was just happy she wasn’t freaking out anymore.

We ended our pumpkin patch trip with the best part. Picking out pumpkins of course. One for mama, one for Bug and a baby pumpkin for Bee. All in all, the pumpkin patch trip was a success. I look forward to Bee being more excited next year and Bug keeping his joy.

See you next year Pumpkin Patch!

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4 thoughts on “Kicking off the Halloween Season – pumpkin patch visit!

  1. Nae, you are an excellent writer. Thank you for the Pumpkin Patch trip with Hendrix and Nova. The picturea are priceless. Live you all Auntie.

    1. Thank you (: writing is truly a passion of mine and the fact that I get to write about my babies makes it all the more worthwhile! so glad you enjoyed this post πŸ’•

  2. The Pumpkin Patch is so much fun. Great kid memories. My parents never took me to the pumpkin patch, but we did carve pumpkins. My parents don’t like pumpkin pie either. I prefer sweet potato myself.

    1. Lol, I don’t like anything pumpkin flavored. I’m a sweet potato girl as well. But in the holiday spirit I still entertain the pumpkin craze for the kids sake.

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