Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance

When I first started working from home, I thought that I would have it made. I would be able to stay home with my littles all day and still make money while wearing my pajamas. To me, it seemed like the perfect work/life balance. However, I soon realized that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is not as easy as one may think. I’ve also learned that trying to work with the littles home can be as challenging as it is enjoyable.

Lately, I have been trying to find my balance. I am a libra and when balance is absent within my life, I tend to feel all sorts of ways. Mainly, I become introverted, anti-social and withdrawn from those around me. I do not want to visit that place so I have made it a point to figure out what works and what does not.

I’ve come up with five practices that have helped me achieve a healthy work/life balance

1.) It is okay to say NO!

I am really big on work ethic and so when business demands are high, I have found myself working extra hours at the beginning or end of my work shift. Making my long 9 hour work day turn into 11 or 12. All the while maintaining and tending to my littles. I’ve realized that by the end of the day I am overly exhausted and have no time left for me. So, although I love to help my company, I have passed on the opportunity to work the extra hours to dedicate more genuine time to my littles and more importantly MYSELF.

2.) Take personal time

Work burnout is a real thing. Actually, burnout in general is a real thing and when you get to that point it is hard to find the enthusiasm to want to continue and perform at your best. This relates to all aspects of life. You find that you just go through the motions and wait anxiously for the “end.” Part of maintaining the work/life balance is to prevent reaching that point. So if you find yourself on auto-pilot take a day off. You deserve it. Refresh your spirit, align your chakras or whatever it is that will bring your balance back.

3.) Personalize your space

The best advice I received in regards to this portion came from a former boss. He told me that you need to remember who you are doing this for. When you start to get lost and forget the purpose behind doing what you’re doing, you need something that is going to ground you. When I worked in the office, I kept a picture of my kids right between my phone and computer. Now that I am home with them, I don’t need the photo but I do need my space to be as peaceful and uplifting as possible. Therefore, I have inspirational quotes on canvas and bright happy colors in my home office. I play music with low volume that brings me peace. I made my space somewhere that I want to be, even when work is getting the best of me.

4.) Leave Work at WORK!!!!

I know it’s easier said than done, but it is a key component in maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Depending on your job, it may be hard to leave for the day and just stop your brain from reverting back to what you need to get done, what’s up next etc. Even more so, for those of us that work at home, it seems nearly impossible to separate the two when home IS work. However, I have made a habit of treating my office space just as that, an office. When I am done working for the day, I shut the door. I ensure that all work related materials stay within the office. And, I do not answer calls or texts about work unless it is an emergency. And I try to be more present in the moment with my family. In doing so, I’ve created a certain degree of separation between the two that has truly been beneficial.

5.) Switch up the routine

Having a set routine can make life easier for us parents in so many ways. To know that when work is finished it is dinner, shower, story time and bed gives us a bit of reprieve. However, that can also cause us to fall into a rut. When everything becomes monotonous, there becomes a lack of urgency or thrill and you find yourself questioning your purpose. So change it up! Forget bath time tonight! The kids will live! I promise. Or, instead of cooking dinner as soon as you walk in the door, order a pizza! It doesn’t have to be major but offer yourself and your family a change. Even the most minor differences can have a large effect.

Just because you are working to pay the bills, doesn’t mean you work to just pay bills.

There is so much that life has to offer us and we have to offer in return. Work has a way of taking over our lives. It consumes our thoughts, or day to day and sometimes even our dreams. Don’t allow it to! Yes, part of being an adult is taking care of responsibilities and we are employed to ensure that our families do not go without. But, we need to be healthy as well. Think about it, your children or spouse can have all the gadgets and gifts but what would they do without YOU!

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Find your balance!

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30 thoughts on “Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance

    1. It really does! It helps you hone in on the work but keep a healthy attitude about it. Your surroundings truly have an effect on attitude

  1. Thank you for this reminder to find balance. The steps you so mindfully laid out to draw boundaries are a practice of radical self care. It protects the work at home mama from burn out and lovingly keeps her from becoming a work-a-holic. You are amazing and I know your family is blessed through and through. Light and Love to you and your home <3

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and motivation! When I encounter burnout it comes fast and it is rough digging out of it. so proactively incorporating this has helped me prevent myself from reaching that point

    1. It will forever be a work in progress for me as well, but as long as we are proactive Iโ€™m sure weโ€™ll have more good days than bad

  2. Working from home and being self employed make all of these SO HARD, and yet, EVEN MORE IMPORTANT! Argh! Thank you for the reminder. I need to work on better taking care of myself.
    -Mama from Mama Writes Reviews

    1. I totally understand, trust me! But you gotta make sure you are okay first. If you’re struggling, then you have nothing to give. I am so happy that I was able to provide you with that reminder, even if only in the moment. It’s definitely important as you say. ๐Ÿ’•

    1. It is a work in progress for all of us! But being proactive is always the first step ๐Ÿ’• Thank you for reading !

    1. It is truly a difficult task, so thank you for acknowledging that. I try my best to make it as comfortable and separate as possible. Thank you for the kind words and for reading ๐Ÿ’•

  3. Such a great post! It took a while for me to get to the point of making “no” a complete sentence! Gotta do what we gotta to for some sort of balance and sanity!

    1. That is a great way to put it. There is no explanation needed after saying No! But it definitely is what is needed for your peace of mind! Thank you for reading!

  4. I agree with every pointer you’ve mentioned. Leaving work at workspace and saying NO sometimes are all what we need to get that family time. I learnt doing this way with time and was happy when I had perfect family time.

    1. It is definitely a lesson that takes time and honestly is a work in progress but I am making small changes daily to
      find that balance! Thank you for reading!

  5. Loved all of this! I thought it would be a lot easier when I decided to walk away from my corporate job and build a business. However, I find that I have a hard time turning off my work. Thank you for this!

    1. Yes, I think itโ€™s even harder when you step away from corporate so Kudos to you! Your livelihood depends on your business but finding that balance is amazing! Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ’•

  6. My favorite jobs were ones that didn’t cause me to stress at home. My husband and I try to make sure that we spend quality time with our girls and be present to make sure there is enough balance for all of us.

    1. Thatโ€™s amazing! It is important to be intentional in your actions so that is a great practice that you guys have implemented with your family

    1. I am definitely glad that you were able to find this information useful. I still find myself going through these steps time and time again. It is a deliberate process!

  7. Haha, sounds as if you’ve learned-the-hard-way some of the same lessons I have! ๐Ÿ™‚ #1 is my FAVORITE on how to achieve work-life balance, though – just because you CAN do everything/may be a lot of people’s “go to” person for lots of things, doesn’t mean you HAVE to do everything people ask of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes so true! I definitely learned that the hard way. I wanted to always be available to show them I was a great worker but burnout is real and when you get to that point quality may suffer. So iโ€™d rather ensure that my quality is amazing and work my set schedule then try to go above and beyond and my work be subpar! Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ’•

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