SuperMOM Mondays

New Feature: SuperMOM Mondays

Gratitude for the Single Mom

As a single mother myself, I know just how under appreciated we truly are. I grew up in a household with a single mother, and watched how much she struggled just to make sure we had what we needed. Witnessed the days she went without so that we had enough to eat or clothes to wear. I admired her strength and her resilience. Sometimes, I find myself walking in her shoes, and on days that I cannot find my strength, I pull from her and remember how she had to do it even when she didn’t have it in her.

Parenting is difficult for any and everyone, but as a single mother, having everything rely solely on you is something I don’t think anyone can completely prepare themselves for. There are so many emotions you encounter alone. From pregnancy throughout birth, there are influxes of highs and lows that you have to brave through. You also find that you have to come to terms with the fact that from this point forward, you will be doing this alone. For whatever reason. That just may be the hardest pill to swallow.

Knowing how difficult that can be first hand, I wanted to acknowledge and show appreciation for the single mother smiling every day, even when it is hard to. To the single mothers that are working countless hours, missing opportunities to spend time with their children because they are the sole source of income for their children. To the single mothers who never thought they’d be raising children alone but are doing it, and raising amazing little beings in the process. You guys are amazing and honestly, my heroes. So we are introducing:

SuperMOM Mondays!

This new segment on is for all of you amazing single mothers of the world. If no one else appreciates all that you do, I do. There is such a stigma attached to being a single mom, and I hate it. We did not do anything wrong and we shouldn’t be shamed, we should be celebrated. Each week, I will feature a single mother and her accomplishments right here on the blog. Be sure to follow and show these women love. They are opening up and sharing their story here. They are speaking out on a subject most are afraid or embarrassed to talk about.

So if you are a single mother or know a single mother that deserves recognition, feel free to contact me Here through the contact page, or send me an email to! I look forward to sharing your awesome stories.

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10 thoughts on “New Feature: SuperMOM Mondays

  1. Great post. My mum brought 2 of us up by herself and running a business at the same time. At the time I had no idea how hard it was, you just take things for granted when you young I suppose. Now I’m a mum myself I’m forever in awe of how she managed to do everything alone!

    1. Your mom is truly amazing! Raising kids is hard but adding the stress of running a business i couldn’t imagine! A lot of things tend to fall into perspective when you are a parent yourself ! Thank you for reading 💕

  2. Great post from another single mom! My sons are in their 20s now but it was no easy road ! Keep blogging and sharing your experiences. It’s helpful to others who are on this journey!

    1. Thank you ! I appreciate the sincerity! Watching it growing up watching it and now experiencing it myself, i have so much respect for single moms

    1. Yes! I agree with you! The children are truly the light at the end of tunnel on the hard days! Thank you for reading and sharing your experience 💕

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