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Hello Everyone!

My name is DeeJay and I am the face behind ‘Life With Littles’.

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TaterBUG and NonoBEE are my littles (hence the blog name). If I had to describe my life these days, I would say it revolves around my kids. I am perfectly fine with that by the way. I started this blog initially because I knew I was passionate about two things: My kids and my writing. In my eyes, it was a win-win situation being able to combine the two.

Shortly after starting this journey, it became much more to me. I realized that my life paralleled with many others and that my stories resonated with complete strangers. So, not only was my passion being pursued, I was now able to use my platform to help someone, anyone who would listen. My focus has shifted. Life With Littles became my voice as a single mother and woman taking on the unique challenges of raising a boy AND a girl.

I believe that if I can help just ONE person, JUST ONE, with my story then my purpose has been fulfilled. So if you are here, thank you. If you have shared this with a parent in need, Thank you! You are the lifelines that are helping me reach my goal.


Welcome to our life !

home page, blog, mommy blogger, blogger, mommy, bugbeeandme


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