Bug, Bee and I Welcome YOU to Life With Littles πŸ’•

Welcome to Life With Littles


Why are you here? What can you expect?

Parenting is hard work on any accord. As mother’s we are the fix all and the end-all regardless of how many other people are a part of our village. Being a single mother on this journey has proven to be a lot more difficult than I could have ever imagined, but I am doing it and I want to share that journey with you.

We, as women, were born to do this! So I am offering parenting resources to lessen the load, recipes that allow you to spend more time with your littles and mommy wins and fails to let you know we are all human. This is also a reminder that parenting is trial and error. There is no manual. There is no prototype. Each child requires a different and unique you. So it is time that we embrace that for everything that it is worth.
The goal is to empower you to be exactly who you already are, SUPER MOM!

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Life with Littles is my personal journey through motherhood with my Bug (handsome son) and Bee (beautiful daughter).

It’s just Bug, Bee and Me! We’re all we got!



home page, blog, mommy blogger, blogger, mommy, bugbeeandme

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