No Sweets for Bug and Bee

One of my favorite childhood memories is racing my friends to the ice cream truck as soon as we heard it coming in the distance. We would use whatever allowance we had to buy candy and other treats to eat while we enjoyed whatever daylight was left. Weekends spent with my grandparents involved plenty of… Read More No Sweets for Bug and Bee

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Boy Mom Problems | Part 1

Being a boy mom has its perks. They like to wrestle with you and don’t mind getting dirty. They’re protective but all the while sweet and loving towards they’re favorite girl (mommy). However, I think I’ve reached a stage in my boy mom journey that I’d like to skip. I rubbed my temples just thinking… Read More Boy Mom Problems | Part 1

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VBAC For Me, VBAC For You!

I just want to start this by saying that I am living proof that a VBAC is possible. If for whatever reason, your first birth did not go according to plan and you are hoping for a second chance, it can happen. I’m not here to give statistics on the probability that it will occur.… Read More VBAC For Me, VBAC For You!

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Words of Encouragement

Breastfeeding | I’ll Whip it Out Anywhere!

“How dare you provide nutrition to your child in public, i’m appalled!” *insert eye roll emoji* It’s funny to look back and see how much I’ve changed since becoming a mother. One of the most noticeable differences is my attitude towards breastfeeding. I’ve always supported breastfeeding, but I was one of those people who believed… Read More Breastfeeding | I’ll Whip it Out Anywhere!

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